At Walking Space we give you the time, place, and pace enabling you to foster personal growth, healing, and inspired action. Our wellness-centered, multi-day, long-distance group walks leave your mind and spirit re-synced with nature and inspired to move forward in health and happiness.

Find flow with your footsteps.

Walking Space is not offering any 2024 events. We are taking this year to pause and reflect on the first five years and see what this space might evolve into in 2025. Thank you for following us on this journey and your support!



“[My expectations were] exceeded.  I’ve done “retreats” before and didn’t get anything out of them.  This experience really helped me understand myself.” – Cris, Life Transition Walk, July 2021

“So satisfied.  The food was amazing.  The care was above and beyond,  Moms don’t always expect to be taken care of!  The bus was fun and made me feel like a kid at camp.” – Joyce, Yoga Walk, July 2021

“I would say that I had the most amazing experience, and while it might sound trite, I believe it was life changing for me (only time will tell)!  I spent a weekend learning how to open my mind and embrace the connections of my mind and my body, and the natural world around me. It was the ultimate “ME” time.  I was cared for and pampered and loved.” – Jama, Yoga Walk, July 2021

“I would definitely recommend the experience to others, and I have.   The landscape of the Root River Valley is lovely and unspoiled, the trail flat and long, and the river cool.   All necessities were seamlessly provided, enabling me to just walk and look.  Evenings were relaxing, convivial and varied.  Plus, there were magic moments!” – Laura, Digital Detox Walk, July 2021

“I so very much loved sleeping on the bus. Holy moly. I got such a good sleep that night! All of the food was so delicious as well. It was such a unique experience that I am BEYOND lucky to have had!” – Naomi, Wander Walk, September 2021

Scholarship Donations

As part of the ongoing effort to make Walking Space an accessible experience for all, we are seeking donations to help fund scholarships for future participants! This is ideal for someone who can’t go on a walk, but would like to give that opportunity to someone else, or for someone who has been on a walk and would like to help others have a similar experience.

All donation sizes are welcome. Thank you for your generosity. As a thank you, you will receive access to our online cookbook which features recipes from our walks! Thank you!

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