Life Transition Walk

As we navigate through life, we sometimes face experiences or feelings that leave us feeling unsure about the path ahead. In such states we can feel paralyzed or confused about how to navigate through these often depressed, difficult, challenging, precipitous life moments. This walk is here to help you through these muddy waters.

With each step, you are taken deeper into understanding and clarity. Here, we walk it out and explore a reconnection to yourself in a supportive, uplifting, and rejuvenating environment designed to give direction to your next steps.

Becky Prater, our lead guide for the Life Transition Walk, will guide you into an excursion into your life, dreams, fears, and ambitions.  This curated walk is crafted to help guide you through the next steps in your life journey. With daily coaching sessions, nature connection, meditations, and group conversations, your time on this walk will give you greater clarity and a sense of purpose.