Wander Walk

This 2 day/ 1 night walk allows for full immersion into the wonders and joys of walking. Wander with us for 27 miles of gorgeous walking on the Root River Trail in Southeastern, MN amongst the idyllic backdrop of the Root River Valley and the hospitality of our guides, hosts, and quaint towns along the trail. We will engage in rewilding practices and meditations designed to reconnect our tech-soaked, fast-paced lives with our core, nature-based selves.

Slow down, unplug, and reset your natural flow and pace.

Finding your natural pace – physically and mentally – brings a new, calming, and invigorating perspective: giving you a healthier, wider-view of life and how we can best balance the world we inhabit.

Your sole task is to walk – flourish, rejuvenate, reconnect, reinvent – and ours is to take care of the logistics. Worry free, tech-free, long-distance walking.